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Avviso Pubblico. The local authorities network for civil training against mafia


Avviso Pubblico. Local authorities and regions together for civil training against mafia, is an association born in 1996 with the aim to connect and organize local administrators who work hard to promote the culture of democratic legality into policy, into public administration and their territories.

Currently Avviso Pubblico has 360 members among municipalities, municipalities’ unions, provinces and regions. At present Roberto Montà, Grugliasco’s (TO) mayor, is the association’s president.

Since 2011, the association have edited the annual report Amministratori Sotto Tiro, to supervise the threat to administrators and to public administration staff phenomenon. The association also composed the code of ethics named Carta di Avviso Pubblico.

Avviso Pubblico collaborate with Libera to realize the Giornata della Memoria e dell’Impegno, with ARCI and trade unions to organize the Carovana Internazionale Antimafie. During the years, the association has signed agreements, for example: SOS Impresa di Confesercenti; with the Forum Italiano della Sicurezza Urbana (FISU) and the Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani (ANCI); with the Associazione Italiana Calciatori and with the Alleanze delle Cooperative Italiane.

The Association also collaborate with some Italian universities for research, divulgation and training activities. Since 2016, Avviso Pubblico and the Università di Pisa’s master Analisi, prevenzione e contrasto della criminalità organizzata e della corruzione published a new series, named Contrappunti.

Through a specific department, Avviso Pubblico conduct classes for local administrator and public administrator staff, as well as initiatives to raise awareness oriented to all the citizens.

In 2014 Avviso Pubblico created a project named Osservatorio Parlamentare, a portal that daily supervises the parliamentary activity of prevention and conflict to racketeering and corruption and provide in-depth analysis on specific topics. The Osservatorio is available online through this link.

Avviso Pubblico’s hearing has been listen by Parliamentary Court of Inquiries, including the inquiry on Mafia’s Phenomenon, the threat to Public Administration Staff Phenomenon and the Illegal activities linked to garbage cycle inquiry.

The association is partners with the Icaro project. Supported by the European Union, the project is about the social reuse of goods and companies confiscated from mafia.

In the report on fight against corruption in Europe, published in February 2014, the European Commission mentioned Avviso Pubblico in the chapter dedicate to best practices.

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mobile: +39 334 6456548


avvisopubblico_lang_it_ITAvviso Pubblico.
La rete degli enti locali per la formazione civile contro le mafie.

avvisopubblico_lang_en_ENAvviso Pubblico.
The local authorities network for civil training against mafia.

avvisopubblico_lang_es_ESAvviso Pubblico.
La red de las autoridades locales para la formación civil contra las mafias.

avvisopubblico_lang_de_DEAvviso Pubblico.
Netzwerk lokaler Vereinigungen für die staatsbürgerliche Erziehung gegen die Mafia.

avvisopubblico_lang_fr_FRAvviso Pubblico.
Réseau d’autorités locales et régionales pour la formation contre les mafias.